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High Blood Cholesterol

High Blood Cholesterol Impacts Children

We hope you have had a chance to view or listen to the information we have provided about high blood cholesterol!  

We want everyone to know thathigh blood cholesterol can impact children as well.  We invite you to view this wonderful site where Anne Kolker, a Registered Dietitian gives us heart healthy tips for the whole family!!

Here are the basics:

1.Increase Fiber Intake

2.Decrease Saturated Fat Intake

3. Increase Intake of Healthy Fats


To learn more about each tip and visit this wonderful website, click on the fruit below!

Educational Information about High Blood Cholesterol

Educational Information about  High Blood Cholesterol   

Take a look at the notes we've made for you about High Blood Cholesterol.  This information was provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH)-Heart, Lung & Blood Institutes National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP). 

The NCEP "aims to raise awareness and understanding about high blood cholesterol as a risk factor for CHD and the benefits of lowering cholesterol levels as a means of preventing CHD".

Positive Outlook on life linked to Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Hello All,

Marchis here and this is ourhigh blood cholesterol awareness and education month.  We learned a little about cholesterol last month when we focused on heart disease.  This month we will have a more in-depth study of high blood cholesterol.  We hope you took a listen to the podcast on thehome page!  Stay tuned for educational information on the site, the blog and in the community!

Take a moment to read this article to learn how a positive outlook on life can help you have healthy cholesterol levels.
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