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Learn more about Heart Disease

Heart Disease Podcast from CDC

Learn More About Heart Disease

By now we hope you have had the opportunity to listen to the presentation about heart disease we created just for you! If you have not had the chance, pleaseclick hereto check it out.

We wanted to share this podcast from the CDC where Judy Hannan from CDC's Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention discusses Tips for lowering the risk for heart disease and stroke: 
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medical Screenings

Although we touched on these tips in our presentation, please take a listen to this interview to learn more!

Heart Disease Presentation

We've decided to try something new to present our information about heart disease. We developed a Presentation, just for you!! 
Please take a moment to listen to our presentation.  If you have trouble viewing the presentation please let us know or you can join us for one of our informational sessions/classes in the community.  Continue to visit the website for updates.  Also, we will be posting the outline along with notes that go along with the presentation in the next few days.
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